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Guess who's back in town With debts still unpaid Man, I wasn't this down Since I was out in LA You can leave me here. I'll catch a train home I'm gonna disappear I better be alone. I think I hear my train a'comin Maybe that's just my mind still running Who am I When the lights all fade Every night I feel Like I'm just running away Don't really got a home.. Just a place to stay And once again, I'm left with nowhere to go I thought I heard your voice On the radio
There he goes Walking on by Deep down I know He'll never be mine Cause when you wait for it They always go Into the arms of another While you're staring at your phone But it It doesn't matter at all, I guess We always find somebody new to make a mess with Starting over again and again It's Another Beautiful summer I won't miss at all it's Another wet dream lover who's never gonna call As you spend your days On the patio with wine As you look at her, do I ever come to mind? ~~~~~~~~~~~ If you're alone, I'd give it up
Nightvision is killing me! It knocks me out, and I wind up In a separate reality Oh it's never enough, i'm always running She calls me at 3 am To tell me about the plight of all my high school friends Dope in their veins, A bottle in hand What should I do with all my precious time? Should I stay at home? Aim for a quiet life? I'm drunk again as you can see At another bar, with another boy Crying "Oh woe is me." It's never enough I'm always running So what should i do with all my precious time? Should I stay at home, Plan out the rest of my life?
You got some ideas Well I got some too You got a backseat Well I got my own room You got an accent Can't you tell me what you wanna do? I got an idea It can kill an hour or two Do you wanna make out? (Yes I know, yes I know I do) Do you wanna make out? (It's ok if you don't want to) Do you wanna make out? (Like we did back in the 8th grade) Do you wanna make out? (Lemme know if it's ok)
I can't remember a time when I wasn't crying broke. I got the punchline a while ago I'm a living joke. Lost a few on the way, but I still made it to the show You're never really alone When all your friends are ghosts. That's just the way it goes. I burned all my bridges, now there's no way back home You can't win 'em all the time Sometimes you gotta let go. That's just the way it goes
Yes it hurt a little Yes it hurt a little, When I found you out But, it don't mean nothing I guess it don't mean nothing You go to a new bar everynight So they don't find you out Go home with a new girl everynight So she doesn't find you out But it don't mean nothing I guess it don't mean nothing Did she cry a little? Did she cry a little? When you told her not to make a sound? Did she cry a little? Did she cry a little? When you told her no one could find out? But now, You got a girl who likes to party You never have to tell her 'sorry'.
Baby #5 Looks like I got knocked up again! I hope this one stays in line, Unlike the rest of my other wretched children. It's baby #5 Wait a minute, pay attention. baby #5 How the hell are you gonna learn? baby #5 mommy's tired of stupid questions IT'S NOT MY LIFE The eldest got expelled, The youngest raises hell while i'm still dreaming And I can't ever go out i don't even have time left for singing. Why Why Are you crying again?
It was nice to know ya, You're way too hard to forget, But your time is over I can't put these feelings to rest Nothing has been the same Nothing has been the same Well something's gotta give sometime For better things to start, Yet, you left me here, And I'm still falling apart. You're everywhere now But nowhere I can see Are you crossing over? Are you still watching me?
Cuz I'm no one That you know I always stand in the back When I'm out at shows You say I need an image As you look at your phone Boy, don't take me out If you can't take me home Since you're all about the money, kid You better grab it while you can Night after night, you're just some guy Different bar, same song and dance. I see through your leather Your mirrors and smoke 20 years gone, And nothing left to show But we'll catch up sometime, when i'm on the west coast And I'll leave how i came You don't even gotta know But if you want a way out of this, It's vital to understand What you give is what you get A big fake smile for faker friends. But for a slice of life, I guess i wouldn't think twice but for a slice of life, Is your price just right?
I was sinking Drowning out without a line I wasn't thinking When I told you you could spend the night When you play with fire, You're gonna get burned A slave to all desire, I never could learn. Do you fake it? When your love runs dry? You saw me naked, but I still got a few things to hide. Goddamn my wild heart i got no time to be your only one I wish i could be the woman that you need I know this must have you feeling some kind of bummed but I know who i am And who I can never be
I just made your bed for ya, I gave you an ultimatum Threw all your shit out the window Told your sister, "I'm done playing". Stole a smoke from my dad just to see you in my backyard Moving on ain't easy when they take away your car And I wanted to give you an earful i wanted to kill you twice I wanted to tell you just what you were good for Why can't you get out of my life? And at night when the lights come on, Everybody knows you'll be in another state I'm getting high all day long Everybody saw The heart I served you on a plate Well goodbye Big Z.
I gotta get out of this town one of these days Let's wave goodbye to all our friends Let's get out of here, babe Let's get away. I'll get some cash saved up and we'll get out of dodge We can't wait til next year babe We'll be old before long. Let's get away. Winter's getting ever so closer now. Soon we'll forget the warmth of the sun. I wanna go somewhere where nobody knows my name. I wanna go somewhere where You won't show up


Biological dispersal refers to both the movement of individuals (animals, plants, fungi, bacteria, etc.) from their birth site to their breeding site ('natal dispersal'), as well as the movement from one breeding site to another ('breeding dispersal'). Dispersal is also used to describe the movement of propagules such as seeds and spores.


released February 28, 2020


Sam, Joseph, Donny, and Watson

Recorded at Treehouse Records/Pink Stuff Cave/VCR
Recorded by Barrett/Watson/and Chris Lee

Mixed and mastered by Chris Lee @ VCR


all rights reserved



BLOOM Chicago, Illinois

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